Salt On Wood

Frescobol by Salt on Wood - The most popular game on the beach

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If you like sports, games and fun, you will love Frescobol. This is a Frescobol set for professionals! (And those to become).

Two high-quality and durable Frescobol rackets made of linden, walnut and beech. Each set is unique!

Also included are two specially made Frescobol rubber balls (flying up to 40 meters and jumping on solid sand!), A beginner ball made of foam (also suitable for indoor use) and a printed cotton bag.

  • Dimensions: about 42 x 20 x 1.2 cm
  • Weight: 350-380 grams per racket
  • Advanced ball (rubber in yellow and orange): 40 grams, 5.5 cm
  • Ball for beginners (foam in blue): 10 grams, 5.5 cm

Crafting and Manufacturing:  The Salt on Wood rackets are handmade, unique pieces made from a durable hardwood combination sealed with an eco-friendly finish. The beach paddles are not completely waterproof, but a short shower does not hurt them. A racket has a weight of about 350-380 grams. The grip is made of high quality polyurethane, the ball of rubber. In this combination, the ball can be hit up to 40 meters. You can also play really fast rallies. In addition, a beginner ball made of foam is also included in the set. 

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